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Simplifies, speeds up and makes the production management control more efficient, automating business process and supporting decision-making

NET@PRO is the best Manifacturing Execution System Software: realize the benefits of smart manufacturing

Web application, real time data, multi devices and multiplant

Powerful, simple, online platform

NET@PRO is the MES Software specialized in the management, programming and control of production and warehouse


It is a production management system that enables the optimization of production activities. NET@PRO is a web app, DB/OS independent and multidevice. It is easy to integrate with the most important ERP systems.

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NET@PRO food is the MES system specializing in production management for food companies. NET@PRO food meets the specific needs of this industry: traceability, labeling, automatic packaging setup, etc.

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Let’s dispel a myth: “New machine, improvement assured”

It is our Engineer Alessio Rodighiero, Senior Industry 4.0 Engineer, who starts the subject, because it is widely believed that the adoption of a new machine automatically leads to an improvement in efficiency. A...

NET@PRO IRIS is here

We have an extraordinary news for you: IRIS is here! Iris is the new version of the MES NET@PRO System: we have a lot of news to tell you! These are important innovations that...

NET@PRO is really powerful in interconnecting machines

Are field machinery happy islands? With a few machines, manual management is expensive, but when the number of machines to be controlled increases, management complexity also grows exponentially. A single platform running your machines...

5 Things to Know For Those Entering the MES World

What are the pitfalls of a MES Project? Knowing the risks of choosing a production software is difficult. Usually companies seek a management for production when, as production and turnover increase, also the complexity...

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