Qualitas Informatica: how to deal with lock down accelerating the step on smart working

Dr. Marcella Pizzolato, Head of the Project Area of Qualitas Informatica tells how the IT delivery function of a company that develops and implements application software has faced the period of lock down…     “The delivery function of...
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Industry 4.0 Training: MES NET@PRO

The Industry 4.0 courses organized by Qualitas Informatica are used to train professionals who will accompany industrial production companies in digital transformation. The goal is to transform manufacturing companies into smart factory so they can achieve these results: create...
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Why the factory can and must become SMART

It is Dr. Antonio Garisto, Account Manager at Qualitas Informatica who tells us how technology has been able to revolutionize our lifestyle in its entirety. Technology invades and conditions our lives, and more and more we cannot live without...
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[…] In the path to Digital Transformation, a ‘huge amount of data is made available through interconnected systems: Companies need to have tools to manage this amount of data to turn it into information that can support operational and...
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Our NET@PRO Manifacturing Execution System contributes to the success of