With thirty years of experience in the MES area and with more than 300 installations, Qualitas Informatica has acquired not only a unique “product know-how” but the best practices to realize MES projects with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Qualitas Informatica is an ISV (Indipendent Software Vendor) of the innovative and technologically advanced MES (Manufacturing Execution System) called Net@Pro, for manufacturing companies that want to increase their competitiveness by seeking the optimization of their production processes (both internal ones than along the supply chain).


With thirty years of experience in the MES area and with approximately 300 installations, we guarantee projects with certain costs and timelines thanks to the use of the lean methodology


Developed in Java and ASP.NET MVC 5, OS and DB indipendent, multidevice, easily interfaced with major ERP System (SAP, Dynamics, JDE, etc.) through a connector, reducing that way the implementation time and cost.


The advantage of Net@Pro Enterprise is that it can be configured tailor-made but at the same time it maintains a standard structure, so it has been applied in more than 20 different industry fields


Leaning to change and innovation

Our goal is to provide a unique solution for the customer

  • Objectives achievement
  • Respect of budgeted costs
  • Respect of project timing
  • Respect of delivery date

Some customers

Welcome to SC QRMES branch of Qualitas Informatica in Romania. The company was set up at Sibiu in 2011 as a part of Qualitas Informatica’s international strategy, and has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the last decade. The Romanian branch contributes to the development of the latest features of Net@Pro MES System; it ensures that customers receive the maximum value from their MES technology. SC QRMES is dedicated to the delivery of Net@Pro through indirect channel partners in Romania. Qualitas Informatica group works to deliver advanced MES and Planning Solutions and services, on a global basis, to help customers and partners achieve success. The objective is to assist organizations to leverage their MES Net@Pro technologies to optimize their operation IT investments and keep their businesses productive around the clock.

Qualitas Informatica focuses on developing cutting-edge technology for emerging markets, multilingual systems, sensor networks, and geographical information systems. While advancing computing research in Italia, it collaborates extensively with the international scientific community like University of Verona to push forward the boundaries of research. The organization was established in 1982 and aims to become one of the best MES Software in the Italy and Europe market. Qualitas Informatica the delivery arm of software MES Net@Pro, enables customers to deploy future-ready solutions across emerging  SAAS technologies. Qualitas Informatica brings deep expertise of MES solutions across virtually every industry and drive the sales operation via a strong channel network of 30 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). In the world of Qualitas Informatica you will find an innovative way of work and the taste of job well done. Our people working together with a unique objective: sharing satisfaction of achive great MES projects.

We believe that the continuous improvement of our processes and the Quality Management System are among the best strategic tools to achieve our business goals.

Qualitas Informatica quality policy:

  • Provide tactical services and tools to manufacturing companies to enable them to be more competitive by organizing production departments in line with business goals and continually improving internal logistics
  • Offering stable, reliable IT tools aligned with state of the art technology available
  • Ensure high flexibility and adaptability to the customer’s functional and logistical needs to provide fast and cost-effective assistance using all the state-of-the-art technology tools
  • Providing solutions to ensure, at all stages of project development and implementation, maximum transparency with the customer, sharing with all stakeholders the information and data regarding the activities
  • Maintain a constant relationship with the customer even after providing the service with continuous contact and through the promotion of initiatives
  • Seeking the excellence of the supplied product and the service to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Promote a systemic approach to business processes by adopting standard tools and methodologies
  • Share the culture of quality and respect for the rules at all levels of business.

We believe that the secret of success is the team. We believe motivating, sustaining, training and cultivating the individuality of each collaborator is the basis for dealing with new challenges without fear and creating great things. That is why we want to present the team we are so proud of.   Qualitas Team

Qualitas Informatica, with over 30 years of experience in production management and planning in more than 20 industrial sectors, is at your disposal to help design, implement and support your automation investment:

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