Impresoft Group

Impresoft Group

Cutting-edge technology, Italian entrepreneurial spirit,
international vision, ties to the community, ambitious growth:
this is the impresoft group

This new technology hub, born out of the union of 4ward, Brainware, Gruppo Formula,
impresoft and Qualitas Informatica, seeks to meet the three key needs of organizations
looking to digital innovation to transform their businesses through capabilities, solutions
and strength

Milan, 20 November 2019 – The result of the union of five innovative, complementary companies, the group includes 4ward, Gruppo Formula and Qualitas Informatica in addition to impresoft and Brainware.

The arrival of impresoft group comes at a time of great upheaval in the ICT industry in which it is crucial to be able to analyze, process and interpret data in order to place that data at the heart of value generation and decision-making processes. In response to this need, the group has integrated complementary technology and business cultures in order to manage global technologies while also bringing in local and territorial

The new organization provides technologies and solutions to mid-sized and large organizations in a range of market segments and serves all of the main areas of the digital economy, from business applications, which includes ERP, MES, CRM, CPM and BI, to a series of cross-functional, cloud-based solutions for data centers, application modernization, business-process digitalization, managed services, and the modern workplace generally.

The creation of the group was made possible by the support of Xenon Private Equity, a fund for nearly 30 years focused on the Italian market, which, with its seventh, recently launched fund, sponsored the business combination promoted by impresoft with the various business leaders, all of whom have now come together in a single organization.

“This is a unique time in which businesses and other organizations need to evolve to become data-driven organizations on the awareness that it is data and the ability to analyze and interpret it so as to put it at the core of a company’s decision-making processes that generates value,” said Antonello Morina, chairman of impresoft group.

“Within this landscape, impresoft group is the answer to three key needs of organizations looking to digital innovation to transform their business through capabilities, solutions and strength.”

“We chose to participate in the creation of impresoft group having seen that the project supported by Xenon Private Equity offered a guarantee of continuity with the past and would support our growth,” said Charles Tarbé, VP and CEO of Gruppo Formula.

“The opportunity to broaden our range of services, our capabilities, and our reach are essential, differentiating factors that the new group will be able to express for our customers, employees and partners,” said Christian Parmigiani, CEO of 4ward.

“In impresoft group, we’ve found the ideal partner with which to take advantage of and disseminate solutions and experience developed over the course of 30 years of doing business,” said Mauro Vassena, CEO of Brainware.

“Our MES solution is internationally recognized and, with this union in impresoft group,an extraordinary and, I would say, unique synergy will be possible in order both to extend and strengthen our partner channel and to become a point of reference for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation,” said Sergio Gasparin, CEO of Qualitas Informatica.

“The aggregation of these five longstanding organizations and of those that are soon to follow will allow for significant cross-selling within the group so as to increase its relevance for customers and for their satisfaction, as well as, and above all, for the more effective hiring, motivating and training of human resources,” said Danilo Mangano, chairman and CEO of Xenon Private Equity.

impresoft group is now one of Italy’s leading ICT groups thanks to an ample value proposition through a single point of reference able to provide both continuity and innovation. The group has over €55 million in revenues, €11 million in EBITDA, a highdegree of financial solidity, and more than 3,000 active customers, as well as a workforce of more than 430 people, which is expected to soon grow even further, working in 18
locations throughout Italy and at one location abroad dedicated to research and development.

The companies involved in the operation are established information technology businesses, each with its own specific qualities and offering, and together they will integrate and provide a full portfolio that is able to meet the complex needs of a market that is undergoing a profound transformation.

  • 4ward: a multiple award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner with nearly 20 years of experience and focused on the cloud, digital transformation and innovative technologies.
  • Brainware: with nearly 30 years of experience, Brainware focuses on CPM, BI, analytics and solutions for large-scale distribution.
  • Gruppo Formula: with over 45 years of experience, this is one of Italy’s leading systems integrators in the field of ERP software for mid-sized and large organizations.
  • Impresoft: established in 2018 from the combination of longstanding companies in the ERP and CRM market.
  • Qualitas Informatica: focused on MES and Industry 4.0, this is a company with over 30 years of experience as a point of reference within the manufacturing industry.


The operation represents the first step in an ambitious growth plan that, over the short term, calls for additional integrations that will enable impresoft group to play a leading role in the marketplace.



Impresoft group

Impresoft group came about from the union of five innovative, complementary companies: 4ward, Brainware, Gruppo Formula, impresoft, and Qualitas Informatica. The group provides
technologies and solutions to organizations in a range of market segments in the fields of ERP, MES, CRM, CPM/BI, data centers, application modernization, business-process digitalization,
managed services, and the modern workplace generally. It is an integration of technology and business cultures able to manage global technologies and local and territorial capabilities. In
2019, impresoft group is expected post over €55 million in revenues with a workforce of 430 people in 18 locations within Italy.



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