Industry 4.0 Training: MES programme NET@PRO

The industry 4.0 courses organized by Qualitas Informatica are used to train professionals who will accompany industrial production companies in digital transformation.

The goal is to transform manufacturing companies into smart factories so they can achieve these results:

  • create new business models
  • increase productivity
  • increase the production quality of the plants


Courses for Industry 4.0 Experts

Becoming a industry 4.0 expert is not easy. And since it is not, we have designed a path that allows us to guide you at your best: a training path where you can work hard. It’s complete, challenging and really practical. A path for technicians and engineers who want to grow and are not afraid of working hard.

If you want to start selling on the market of industry 4.0 and of MES systems, you first need to study, have a method and practice. Lots, lots of practice.

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Training courses NET@PRO June 2020:

░  Planning Course (Planner + Sequencer) – Professor Davide Comberlato – 10 and 11

░  Course Dobeya and project management – Professor Vittorio Sella – 23 NEW – Reserved for partners

░  FDI course – Machine interconnection – Massimo Scattolaro/Nicola Antoniazzi Teacher – 24 and 25



Training courses NET@PRO July 2020:

█  Foundation Course NET@PRO – Professor Nicola Antoniazzi – 1 and 2

░  Report Server Course – Teacher Massimo Scattolaro – 8

░  Course Shop Floor Web – Teacher Comberlato Davide – 15

█  Commercial Course – Professor Tiziano Bertoldi – 22

█  Presales Workshop – Professor Davide Comberlato – 23

░  Architecture, Data Structure and Dashboard course – Teacher Vittorio Sella – 29 e 30


Training courses NET@PRO September 2020:

░  Planning Course (Planner+Sequencer) – Professor Davide Comberlato – 2 and 3

█  SFM course – Teacher Massimo Scattolaro – 9 and 10

░  Quality Module (TQM) and Maintenance (TPM) course – Professor Vittorio Sella – 16 and 17

░  Course Dobeya and project management – Professor Vittorio Sella – 22

█  Foundation Course NET@PRO – Professor Nicola Antoniazzi – 23 and 24

░  Course Shop Floor Web – Teacher Comberlato Davide – 30 


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Are you wondering what industry 4.0 means? How to digitize industrial production management? What are the essential steps and methods to implement a MES project? How to best manage operations and create an integrated supply chain?

The industry 4.0 training activity is one of the focal points for the success of our industrial production management projects.

To create a training plan of industry 4.0 is indispensable for production enterprises, in whatever sector they operate (metalworker, food & beverage, …) and, in general, for any company wishing to improve production management and, at the same time, cut costs due to waste or waste.

The reason is simple: activating a MES in the company means implementing a software for the collection of industrial production data that allows you to have clear production lead times. To proceed blindly without certain data and not in real time is a problem that prevents to locate the real production times of your machinery, the operators on board the machine, the waste and all the hidden activities that at the end of the month represent a safe cost.

A MES system allows you to easily collect the elements that contribute to realize, in a second moment, a clear costification of product to transmit to your ERP.

That’s why we have a structured training plan available to MES customers and partners NET@PRO: consult the calendar of training courses of industry 4.0


With the training courses on industry 4.0 of MES NET@PRO you can learn both the functional and technical aspects of a MES Project.

To read: what is a MES system

The Academy of the MES NET@PRO system for online training is active and free: sign up and you will be able to access the courses of the MES NET@PRO ondemand software.

Industry 4.0 Courses Catalogue 

█  Foundation Course NET@PRO: is the basic technical course of production management NET@PRO – 2 days

░  Architecture, Data Structure and Dashboard Course – DB transactions and creating Kpis to present Net@pro data in an easy way – 2gg

░  Shop Floor Web Course  – The client for users of NET@PRO – 1 day

░  Planning Course (Planner+SEQ) – Production planning and programming – 2 days

░  FDI and Machine Interconnection Course – Field Data Integrated Module for Machine Interconnection – 2 days

░  Server Report Course – How to configure the print engine for managing objects in NET@PRO – 1 day

Quality Module (TQM) and Maintenance (TPM) Course – Quality management and maintenance of plants and machine tools in NET@PRO – 2 days



The Foundation Course is the basic technical course of the MES Net@pro System: it is preparatory and necessary to access the second level technical courses.


Where not specified, the courses are held at the headquarters of Qualitas Informatica in Santorso (VI)

Vicenza – The courses will be held at Confindustria Vicenza – Palazzo Bonin Longare

Schio – The courses will be held at Confindustria Schio

** Sales and Presales Workshops are reserved for our partners


Corso di formazione industria 4.0

Photo of the participants of the Mes Net@pro Quality module at Qualitas Informatica in Santorso (VI)


The courses of the MES NET@PRO system are limited in number and must be booked by sending a mail to or calling (+39) 0445 641844.

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Are you interested in industry 4.0 courses?

To receive the calendar or if you want to know the costs of courses planned for industry 4.0 in 2020 contact us:

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