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Manufacturing Execution System and Production Planning System within a single web platform

NET@PRO System

A modern approach to manufacturing excellence

Net@Pro enables manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins

Machine integration and monitoring

Machines integration is realized with a Net@Pro module called FDI (Fiel Data Integrator) that allows to gather informations directly from machines to provide inventory and production data to the MES system, to monitor operations, to maintain Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), to plan the maintenance etc.
Following the guidelines of the digital revolution called Industry 4.0, Net@Pro's communication with machines is bidirectional: not only collects data from machines but also sends signals to automate processes.

Supply Chain Management

Net@Pro being a WEB app can manage production networks as different plants or third party activities.
All users can interact with the system through web devices anywhere and anytime.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

This tool, completely integrated in other Net@Pro modules, supports the optimization of all material
handling activities (reception, storage, production picking, shipping) in term of location suggestions,
lot/serial number management. Rotation inventory is also supported.

Maintenance Management (TPM)

This module allows planned, preventive and on occurrence maintenance activities management.
The integration with other Net@Pro modules maximize overall system benefits in term of OEE and planning capabilities.

Kanban/Lean Production

Net@Pro supports companies that have implemented lean manufacturing practises allowing Kanban,
supermarket and rack management with alert coloured levels, number of kanban calculation and automatic work order generation.

Operative Quality Management (TQM)

With Net@Pro is possible to manage precisely process quality control events and to input the relative results, from shop floor/quality control/lab operators in an integrated real time environment, with WEB devices.

Proactivity and monitoring

With a powerful customized event driven workflow engine, Net@Pro supports proactivity through real
time process/effectiveness deviation alarms (machine blocks, etc.) and automatic action (mails, notifications, machine data exchange) to automate processes or to react rapidly to shop floor problems.

Data collection and work progress

Net@Pro allows real time, shop floor, digital data collection in a paperless environment. The work order
progress data are input by the operators through simple browser based devices (PC, tablet) lowering
the infrastructural costs and enhancing data precision and promptness.

Tracking and tracing

With Net@Pro is possible to manage all operations material movements from warehouse row material picking to production flowing, till final storing. The system can handle movement units (pallet, box..) with lot/serial number management in order to guarantee a precise material tracking and tracing.


With this module the production management can control and monitor the shop floor
performance through pre-configured, customized, real time graphical tools available
on web devices (PC, tablet, smartphone). The objective is to identify as soon as possible
eventual process/performance deviation and to implement tactical best practises.

Production scheduling software: The Sequencer

This is the head of department shop floor wheel that supports him to decide in an easy and effective way the best list of tasks to produce on the machines and lines in the short term time bucket. Once saved the plan is immediately, digitally dispatched to the devices in the shop floor arena in a paperless approach.

Production Planning Software: The Planner

The Production Planning software called "Planner" supports the strategic function of customer request due date check with real time simulation in a high performance environment in order to improve service level, to find a balance between resource capacity and load and to synchronize part numbers procurement.

Real time data and connectivity

from any device: computer, tablet, smartphone


Web platform usable by any device via web browser, provides simple and intuitive graphics


Productive data and performance always updated in real time thanks to web technology


DB/OS independent and multidevice, easy to integrate with the most import ant ERP systems


Net@Pro is easily configurable by the user through drag & drop


NET@PRO, thanks to the LEAN methodology guarantees:

  • Project due date respect
  • Predictable project costs
  • Short lead time


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