MES Software – Manufacturing Execution System

What is a MES software?

The MES is a system that acquires and distributes information that allows the optimization of production activities from the launch of the order to the finished product. Using current and accurate real-time data, the MES guides, responds and informs on the activities of the plant and production departments as well as when they happen. The resulting speed of reaction, combined with attention to the reduction of activities without added value, guide the operations and processes of the plant to the maximum efficiency. – Definition of MESA International

What is a MES software for?

The MES serves to detect all the information related to the production cycle and monitor production in real time.

The MES System fills the “void” between the ERP systems (administrative and accounting) and the machine control systems (PLC, SCADA MES) combining the optimization of production and logistics processes with the control of the availability of resources and the quality of products.
In fact, the lack of interaction between ERP systems and control systems makes the production process a black-box: we know the inputs and outputs of the production but there is no visibility on what happens in between (What is the efficiency of the production process? Are there any drifts or problems? Where are the costs? etc.) The MES software is therefore the key component that allows communication between systems and provides a complete visibility on what happens in production.



What questions can the MES answer?

Some examples of the problems that a MES is able to solve:

  • The customer wants to know if, doubling his order, the supply can still be guaranteed in the expected time
  • The customer wants to know where is the processing of his order
  • The customer requires that each product delivered is accompanied by detailed production information
  • A machine fails. How to reprogram orders to allow maintenance but ensuring the punctuality of delivery to the customer?
  • What is the production lead time? What “slows down” the production?
  • A product is withdrawn from the market because it has non-conformity, what processes has it undergone and when has it undergone them?
  • What is the exact origin of the raw materials?
  • The customer wants the test document with the details of the quality controls carried out for the certification of the product
  • Is the use of materials (raw materials, machines) optimized?
  • How effective and efficient is the production process?

NET@PRO software is already used by more than 20.000 users

NET@PRO with over 460 installations in Italy and abroad and more than 20,000 users is a benchmark among MES Software. It is the first full web system that encloses in a single simple platform all the essential features to manage the company: from production progress to planning, quality, traceability and warehouse.

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