NET@PRO Food&Beverage

MES for the Food & Beverage Industry

Food and beverage manufacturers face a growing global demand* for diverse consumer requirements, alongside increasingly stringent food safety standards and complex regulations. Leading Food & Beverage manufacturers, processors and fillers are leveraging the power of MES to address these challenges and increase competitiveness.

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Reduction of setup times of the packaging lines
Reduced usage of wrong materials in the production process
Reduction of machines shutdown
Reduction of the amount of product used in destructive tests

The best MES system for food&beverage

NET@PRO Food&Beverage is the software specializing in the production, support and control of production and warehouse with functionalities and applications specific to the Food&Beverage sector.

Specific features for the food&beverage industry

The factory's maximum real-time control on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone

Generation and programming of the orders on the packaging lines and assignment optimized of orders on the lines

  • Easy Job Sequence Management (Sequencer) to Reduce Setup Number and Times
  • Staff/skills requirements checkup according to defined plans
  • Components and primary packaging requirements checkup according to defined plans
  • Quick simulations in order to find the right balance
  • Reduced setup time

  • Settings (e.g. plu, expiration date, lot, etc.) of automatic setup of line devices (e.g. label printers) from the production plan (just one click)
    E.g. packaging of the same product for different brands, expiration dates, format / layout labels
  • Collaboration with storehouses to prepare sl and packs
  • Statistical analysis of setup times to launch and measure improvement projects

  • Reduced downtime

  • Collecting and categorizing / causing downtime by locating the device that generated the stop
  • Optimized management of scheduled maintenance and auto maintenance
  • Optimized failure maintenance (alert, assignment, and execution) management
  • Optimized Spare Parts Management Dependent on Scheduled Maintenance
  • Analysis of workloads for maintenance teams and waiting times for team sizing.

  • Check line speeds

  • Direct system interfaces to verify in real-time the difference between real loop and actual loop
  • Direct-to-Plant Interface to Collect Times and to Identify, Trace, and Trace Products, Services, and Places to Reduce Costs or Add Value to Goods and Services.

  • Management of Quality Controls

  • Defining Quality Control Plans
  • Automated On-Line Presentation of Control Plans
  • Quality (with the ability to stop the line)
  • Reduction of Destructive Sampling

  • Flexibility

  • Possibility to connect to different devices: Markem, Ceia, Bizerba, etc ..
  • Simplify the interchange of printers and PCs in the event of a failure as NET@PRO is disconnected from any hardware support

  • Communication speed with line personnel

  • Without paper support, communicate the work plan and assignments (turn, line, job) to line staff
  • Can quickly communicate variations to plan and assignments

  • Data manipulation

  • Collected data is centralized and available to everyone in a transversal and shared way
  • Eliminate excel and non-extractable media
  • The information is always up to date.

  • Speed up loads of warehouse and lgv callouts for picking up the product at the end of the line

  • The system can be integrated with the ERP or the warehouse software and pass the data in real time and accurately

  • Lots traceability

  • Possibility to manage traceability of product batches and primary packaging.
  • You can quickly trace, from a lot of component, to what finished product lots you used for that specific component lot.
  • Beginning with a finished product lot go back to the relative packaging order and all related info: line, personal, quality controls performed

  • Consultation of line data in real time and from any place and device

  • Create a Key Performance Indicator in real time in a simple and flexible way

  • Reduction of waste

  • Analysis and classification / causalization of waste by detecting also the device that generated the waste (eg packaging, metal, etc ...)
  • Prevent the use of non-congruent components with the active production order on line

  • qualitas-tempi-certi-rifilata

    NET@PRO, thanks to the LEAN methodology guarantees:

    • Objectives achievement
    • Respect of budgeted costs
    • Respect of project timing
    • Respect of delivery date


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