NET@PRO IRIS is here

We have an extraordinary news for you: IRIS is here!

Iris is the new version of the MES NET@PRO System: we have a lot of news to tell you! These are important innovations that make NET@PRO an undisputed protagonist of the MES world… and now discover what the new MES offers you



Iris, the new web version of the MES NET@PRO system changes the way we have used the MES until now.

A magazine in terms of technology for the famous NET@PRO Web client, the introduction of new mobile apps that replace obsolete technologies and the addition of a new software for collaboration on the model of lean thinking. Finally, a new module that adds to the known operational flexibility of the sequencer of NET@PRO, the ability to solve the critical issues automatically, thus bringing the sequencer closer to the functionalities of a scheduler.

Iris, this is the name of the last release released at Qualitas Informatica. Never before in the first half of 2020 have we had so many news to tell. A challenging goal that has kept us engaged in different fronts and always placing our MES user at the center.

Version 4.8.0 of our MES NET@PRO web client bears the name of the Greek Rainbow DEA. The development of MES software focused on user needs and technological change:

  • A new main page
  • The SEQ PRO module is included in the IRIS version
  • A new software module dedicated to collaboration: DOBEYA
  • NET@PRO available in private cloud
  • The NET@PRO client is now APP and is called Shop Floor Mobile (SFM) and replaces the WCE client
  • The Dashboard software module is now available as a Dashboard Mobile (DSM) app



The new main page of the NET@PRO MES system with the latest technology

The new main page of the MES NET@PRO System uses the latest technology (our developers in Qualitas Informatica are always attentive to technological innovations) and CEO Sergio Gasparin is a staunch supporter of the strategic value of industrial research for the growth of MES NET@PRO and, in cascade, of all companies that choose NET@PRO as MES software.

To learn more: MES Production

The new main page is made using the popular Angular framework for the front-end part, while for the back-end calls are made through Web API REST developed in . NET Core.


Sistema MES NET@PRO: la nuova main page bella leggera e facile da usare

Here is a screenshot of a possible configuration of the new Mainpage of NET@PRO


The change of technology allows us to offer a faster main page to use and for the more experienced to configure and save.

Contains new features available such as:

  • The SFM configurator,
  • A new editor for the main page
  • Extractor XML

With this new edition you can implement in a few clicks a series of widgets such as:

  • Calendar,
  • Calculator
  • Graphs
  • Converter


Nuova main page per il client Shop Floor del MES NET@PRO

In the image the configuration mode of the new main page of NET@PRO

Has a simple and intuitive chat, is available mobile responsive.



PRO Sequencer Module

The new add-on module was presented in December 2019 and we find it officially released in the IRIS release of NET@PRO. To present the features of the PRO Sequencer we have in “site” an advanced webinar designed exclusively for professionals. If you are happy to participate you can pre-register to this list and we’ll reserve your place.



DOBEYA module – Collaboration tool

The DOBEYA module ushers in a new era for our MES NET@PRO. We felt the need to have a tool that would allow us to be aligned on projects even when not physically present. Moreover, since November 2019, our Project Manager, Dr. Marcella Pizzolato, has started a smart working project in Qualitas Informatica. The idea of inserting a collaboration tool proved prophetic, especially after the lock down caused by the COVID. In DOBEYA the team of Qualitas Informatica has continued to build, brick by brick, the MES projects that we have realized and that have seen the testing in this very challenging period.

Did you know that?

The development of DOBEYA was carried out using DOBEYA as a collaboration platform and, since DOBEYA was made available internally, it has proven to be the most officially released NET@PRO module used in the history of Qualitas Informatica.



NET@PRO IRIS on private cloud platform

The MES NET@PRO from the IRIS version is available on premise and now also in the cloud.

What does this mean? It will be possible to have the MES NET@PRO system as a managed service resting on the cloud. The infrastructure side consisting of server, backup, business continuity and disaster recovery will be delivered in service mode by a third-party partner that deals with virtualization and cloud. 




The technology always runs forward and also NET@PRO makes available the mobile version of the client Shop Floor Client (SFC).

With the advent of IRIS, the NET@PRO client the Shop Floor Client is available as:

  • SFC web client
  • SFM mobile app

The SFM App adds a novelty compared to the previous edition, because it includes the old WCE client (familiar acronym for NET@PRO experts): this client was used in stock with the guns that mounted the operating systems of Microsoft home.

Today, instead, where the devices for stock are smartphones with O.S. android, here we have opted to facilitate the operator on board the machine that will then be available:

  • The transactions of production
  • The warehouse transitions




The new DSM (Shop Floor Mobile) module is the mobile version of the Dashboard Production module of NET@PRO .

The Dashboard Production module allows you to always have at hand the basic Kpis for proper production monitoring:

  • monitor the indicators in real time,
  • make comparisons with the past
  • make decisions for the future

All this is just a click away, directly on your smartphone or tablet.

The module is available for both Android and iOS devices

Feel free to contact us for a demo of MES NET@PRO software


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