What happens in Qualitas Informatica: the latest news!

Let’s dispel a myth: “New machine, improvement assured”

It is our Engineer Alessio Rodighiero, Senior Industry 4.0 Engineer, who starts the subject, because it is widely believed that the adoption of a new machine automatically leads to an improvement in efficiency. A brilliant article written in two...
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Qualitas Informatica: how to deal with lock down accelerating the step on smart working

E’ la Dott.ssa Marcella Pizzolato, Responsabile dell’Area Progetti di Qualitas Informatica a raccontare come la funzione di delivery IT di una società che sviluppa e implementa software applicativo abbia affrontato il periodo di lock down…
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Industry 4.0 Training: MES programme NET@PRO

Per il successo dei progetti di gestione della produzione industriale la formazione è uno degli elementi fondamentali. Ecco quindi l'elenco dei corsi di formazione dedicati al sistema MES Net@Pro e ad Impresa 4.0
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NET@PRO IRIS is here

We have an extraordinary news for you: IRIS is here! Iris is the new version of the MES NET@PRO System: we have a lot of news to tell you! These are important innovations that make NET@PRO an undisputed protagonist...
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NET@PRO is really powerful in interconnecting machines

Are field machinery happy islands? With a few machines, manual management is expensive, but when the number of machines to be controlled increases, management complexity also grows exponentially. A single platform running your machines (whatever they are) gives you...
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5 Things to Know For Those Entering the MES World

What are the pitfalls of a MES Project? Knowing the risks of choosing a production software is difficult. Usually companies seek a management for production when, as production and turnover increase, also the complexity of management, organization and monitoring...
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Why the factory can and must become SMART

It is Dr. Antonio Garisto, Account Manager at Qualitas Informatica who tells us how technology has been able to revolutionize our lifestyle in its entirety. Technology invades and conditions our lives, and more and more we cannot live without...
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Problems of interconnection with machines?

When you buy machinery or production plants, the first thing you ask is whether the machine is wired for interconnection. But what does predisposed mean? Do you have a network card? The classic answer from the machine manufacturer or...
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LEAN THINKING opens up to digitalisation and virtualization

If you run work groups, you know! The engineer Paolo Sbalchiero, Project Leader of Qualitas Informatica, tells us what it means to be united in a single room to share experiences and know-how. Today, in order to protect our...
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Nel percorso verso la Digital Transformation, viene messa a disposizione un'enorme quantità di dati attraverso sistemi interconnessi: come possono le aziende governare questi dati e trasformarli in informazioni a supporto delle decisioni operative e strategiche? L'Ing. Tiziano Bertoldi,...
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MES system: Iot, cloud and surroundings

MES ed interconnessione: viaggio tra macchine utensili, software ed oggetti (IoT). Il MES nella sostanza: facciamo un esercizio di pulizia per arrivare all’essenza. Quali sono i costi nascosti quando parliamo di MES: come districarsi tra integrazione, raccolta dei dati...
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Impresoft Group

Cutting-edge technology, Italian entrepreneurial spirit, international vision, ties to the community, ambitious growth: this is the impresoft group This new technology hub, born out of the union of 4ward, Brainware, Gruppo Formula, impresoft and Qualitas Informatica, seeks to meet...
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Hiring - We are looking for consultant or interim manager for business development in Switzerland and Spain!

New Opportunity! We are looking for Consultant or Interim manager

We are looking for experienced Consultant or Interim Manager in business development in Switzerland and Spain. Check out this exciting opportunity to lead an international business development! Let’s make a change together. Submitted the form, click on the link...
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Convegno gratuito monitoraggio e controllo della produzione Verona

Put the fifth at your factory, production control and monitoring – Verona

Are you a production manager or department manager and want to improve the productivity and efficiency of your company, controlling it and optimizing the results?
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Our Net@Pro Manifacturing Execution System contributes to the success of