Put the fifth at your factory, production control and monitoring – Verona

Free meeting reserved exclusively for directors or production managers

Verona, 13 JUNE 2019, at Confindustria Verona


Are you a production manager or department manager and want to improve the productivity and efficiency of your company, controlling it and optimizing the results?

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Following the event organized by Qualitas Informatica, you will have the opportunity to relaunch your professional figure to a new level, reaching a full awareness of your role.

At the end of the training course, you will be able to provide a winning perspective in controlling and monitoring production and you will be able to achieve your goals, thanks to the acquisition of a Concrete Method, in the management of your factory, with a view to improving productivity and greater process control.

What are the topics we will cover? Here they are:
    • How do you calculate the load on productive resources?
    • How do you synchronize the arrival of materials with production?
    • How do you communicate to the wards “what to do”?
    • How do you control how much has been produced daily?
    • Do you know what the productive efficiency of your resources is?


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