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Qualitas METHOD

Lean Project Development

Qualitas Informatica uses lean methods for carrying out projects.
The oobeya room is the place dedicated to visual management and It is used for the entire project development.
This kind of visual administration makes the communication and coordination process much more streamlined, avoiding unproductive project advancement meetings. This also makes possible an immediate check of project status, planned objectives and possible issues.

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Qualitas Improvement Method

QIM stands for Qualitas Improvement Method and It is the policy used by Qualitas to lead single projects from the first contact to support services.
Our approach provides concrete and measurable goals, a macro perspective planning, a short term orientation analysis and a constant monitoring of advancements.
Our philosophy is all about detecting as soon as possible which are the problems and find out how to react effectively while being transparent in the process.

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Achieving goals

We ensure the accomplishment of client's improvement goals

Deadlines always under control

Our time bound planning strategy makes possible a sound deadline management

Costs compliance

Our price quotations are a detailed and accurate base for the client's investment decisions

Short project lead times

A short ROI (return on investment) is crucial for our clients, so we deliver in a short and competitive time span

"A MES project is not only a technological project, but first of all It is a blueprint for change.
For this reason a MES implementation is complex by definition. And this is related with automation, machines and devices involved, but primarily it's a matter of human resources.
This process requires a systematic approach, a tested method. Qualitas method provides simple and measurable targets, a macro perspective planning, a short term horizon scheduling and a constant global process monitoring.
If you think about it, this is exactly what NET@Pro does."

Marcella Pizzolato, Responsabile Area Progetti di Qualitas Informatica SpA

Qualitas Informatica, with over 30 years of experience in production management and planning in more than 20 industrial sectors, is at your disposal to help design, implement and support your automation investment:

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