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What is Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Software, the technological transformation happening now

Industry 4.0 is a term created by the German government in November 2011 to define the industrial strategy leading to the creation of an efficient “Smart Factory”.

This development is based on the most up to date technological innovations, for example cyberphysics systems, digitalization, 3D printing, cloud computing, robotics and advanced sensors.


Iot or better IIot (Industrial Internet of Things) contemplates sensors interconnecting intelligent machines, storage systems and production plants in a way that let them autonomously send/receive information and data. All of this to trigger action/consequence and autonomous process controll mechanisms.

In this context MES systems (Manufacturing Execution System) rappresent an essential and compulsory step towards digitalization of modern factories.

The MES system makes possible not only automated data gathering but also its exploitation thanks to interfunctional algorithms that extract crucial information about production real time planning. This knowledge is then passed to people in charge and to management, with an approach that goes from big data to SMART data.

Thanks to all this process, decision making is faster to respond to possible production drifts and orders progress, machines status, materials location, OEE and plant performance are always kept under real time control. Optimization decisons and production process reconfiguration are at the core of an efficient factory.

Net@Pro system is part of Industry 4.0 ready technologies and for this reason takes advantage of the 2017/2018 Budgeting Law tax benefits.

Tax incentives under the Industry Plan 4.0


Made for a smart and connected factory

Net@Pro features industry 4.0 support

Machine integration: 250% Iperammortamento

Net@Pro can be integrated with any machine, device or system

Real-time integrated production management

With Net@Pro your factory become "transparent", processes are real time monitored and info are integrated and clustered

Proactivity and production problems alert

Net@Pro engine operates an always on real time monitoring
of process variations and setbacks (machine stops, errors, etc) triggering appropriate alerts in case of setbacks.

KPI visual dashboard

Net@Pro lets you real time supervise critical production KPI (like waste analysis, OEE, machines, service levels, etc) thanks to its visual dashboard.


Net@Pro follow all the Industry 4.0 guidelines and It runs on web based technology. Its special features are the simple yet effective visual semplicity and ease of use. Because of these traits Net@Pro si an intuitive and effective tool. It is also available on any device (PC, smartphone, tablet) with a web browser. The system is fully customizable to fit users needs through drag and drop (fonts, colours, logos, graphs can be personalized). The entire factory management can be done through one main page.

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Net@Pro 4.0 not only uses the latest in terms of web based technology, but It also offers a suite of features that comply with the entire Supply Chain: quality process control, production planning, automated maintenance control, order progress, real time performance analysis dashboard, warehouse management system (WMS) and more. Net@Pro is the ideal system solution to turn your factory into a smart, connected, paperless, efficient and effective production plant.

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